Describe a character in fiction, a historical figure, or a creative work (as in art, music, science, etc.) that has had an influence on you, and explain that influence.

Hearing the harmony of the multifarious sounds sampled on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I searched my memory for another affecting moment of equal euphoria. I sought to remember the very first time that I heard music. Was I enthralled and driven to exclaim to the world a discovery as affecting as that moment? No, I bet that being a baby, I probably cried unpleasantly like with most strange and new things at the time. Nonetheless, I hurried to proclaim to my world on Facebook the genius that Kanye West displays on his magnum opus after hearing it for the first time.

My awe sprung from the manner in which My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy maximizes the effect of sound. The album is heavy with aural components including eclectic vocal sources, electronic drums, acoustic piano, horn sections, and viol instruments to mention a few. The balance inherent in the album displays musical prowess—every component lays a new dimension in the sonic creation. Biting lyrics offer social commentary: the last song explores the contemporary view of a decaying nation. As the booming voice of a poet repeated, “Who will survive in America?” amid the vibrations of ominous drums, I connected with the social criticisms of the album.

Coming from a society different from the one in which I currently live in, I go through my days with examining eyes. On sporadic occasions, I would pose inquiries like the ones on the album to my family impelled by my thoughts and observations. My mother, my eldest sister and I with particular inputs from the other members of my family would engage in vociferous argument. Our voices would struggle with each conveying differing inclinations—I am idealistic; my mother, realistic; and my sister, pragmatic. We would carry on ignoring the ticking of the wooden clock in our cozy living room. Impassioned, we would forget our daily responsibilities for the night.

The struggle would continue in me long after our voices die out. Changing cultures at the age of twelve, I was old enough to retain the memories of living in Ghana, and I was aware and critical of the differences living in America. I had to learn to balance the influences of these two cultures. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy illustrated an appealing effect of my situation to me. I am capable and emboldened to be a social critic drawing from and consolidating different cultures.

Colleges Sent ToEdit

Dartmouth College : Accepted

Emory University : Accepted

University of Chicago: Waitlisted


GPA: 3.75+

SAT: 2040 700 Reading/ 680 Math/ 660 Writing

APs: Taken: Biology - 5; Chemistry - 5; US History - 5; World History - 5; Intended: Calculus AB; French Language; Government & Politics: American; Government & Politics: Comparative; Literature and Composition; Physics B

Extracurriculars: HAP Mentor; Peer Tutor; Teen League Basketball; French Club; National French Honor Society; National English Honor Society; Beta Club; Scholarship for Scholars Club; Bowling Club; Habitat for Humanity; Creative Technology Club; LINK Club